01 February 2009

over the top.

lately i've steered away from a lot of my dresses and skirts (shoe issues!) and practically lived in denims, which is heaven for me anyway. but what can keep me out of jeans at least one day per week.....? these 'california styled slacks' from the angels sale. i didn't think i would be able to get into these bad-boys -- the waist is teense -- but luckily i can and they are a perfect fit, living up to their 'over the top' label. the best bit is the fading throughout, where they've been on a hanger for years, a bit of history for the backside.
these slacks are just boyish enough for me. i have daydreams of wearing them with all my favourite blouses, and come spring and summer, channeling my nana (below left) in a simple white tee and kerchief.
until then it's knee socks and cardi's all the way, with a bit of fruit to top it all off.


Lecon de vetement said...

You always make me want to find the perfect pants...they never fit me though :(

jessica said...

you will find some i'm sure of it. i have been very lucky over the years. do you know the trick to see if pants or skirts fit in the waist without trying them on?

wolfwhistle said...

I am developing a mental block about trousers, as I haven't worn them in five years. But you look so good in them you make me want to try again!

jessica said...

thanks so much wolfwistle! yes please try trousers again...there's no turning back.....!

i love your blog by the way.

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