28 February 2009


just a lil' note to say hello....i'm nearly half-way thru my rendezvous with home. so much to show'n'tell but i will save it for when i'm back in london. in between family-time, good eats and giggles with old and dear friends, i've been sorting thru my mountain of a closet and saying good-bye to things one-by-one. this was load no. 1 to take to design archives....and there are several loads going to goodwill as well. it's invigorating to do a lil' de-tox and wouldja believe me if i said i've bought only one bag of goodies so far......?
more from me very soon.

19 February 2009

home is the place...

tomorrow morning i fly home for three weeks. it's been fourteen months so i am more than ready. with corbusier now open i can truly relax and enjoy myself. these are just a few memories and tastes of what's to come for me. i might disappear for a while but i shall return. with new memories and new goodies.
can't wait for that home cookin'!

08 February 2009

neither here nor there.

i ran into a bit of trouble with immigration last year and since august my passport has been out of commission. waiting games, tears, phone tag, fretting, laughter and disbelief, lawyers, courtrooms and at the end of it all, a bit more waiting. so needless to say when i got my passport back this past week it was a joyous occasion. it's crazy just how much this little sticker, a piece of paper in my passport, makes me feel whole again. i can go anywhere i want, but first it's back to home, a place i haven't been in fourteen months. and i can't wait.

07 February 2009

curly Q's.

i'll have this swoon-worthy patchwork jacket with a side of curls, to go.
(photo is from bon magazine's spring 2008 issue. jacket is from beyond retro and hopefully now rests in their archives.)

01 February 2009

over the top.

lately i've steered away from a lot of my dresses and skirts (shoe issues!) and practically lived in denims, which is heaven for me anyway. but what can keep me out of jeans at least one day per week.....? these 'california styled slacks' from the angels sale. i didn't think i would be able to get into these bad-boys -- the waist is teense -- but luckily i can and they are a perfect fit, living up to their 'over the top' label. the best bit is the fading throughout, where they've been on a hanger for years, a bit of history for the backside.
these slacks are just boyish enough for me. i have daydreams of wearing them with all my favourite blouses, and come spring and summer, channeling my nana (below left) in a simple white tee and kerchief.
until then it's knee socks and cardi's all the way, with a bit of fruit to top it all off.
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