24 January 2009

what was not but could be if...

a coupla sundays ago i went to the greenwich markets. greenwich on a sunday was my every sunday for the nearly six months i was living there. it's not the main market that i love (tho they do have some amazing antiques and vintage on thursdays and fridays) but the other two markets, over by cafe rouge and the picture house.
(greenwich memories)
there are a few sellers that are only there on sundays, and they are my absolute favourites. even if your teeth are chattering, it's so much funnnnnn to sift and dig thru the treasures, finding outta-sight watches and brooches for as little as 25p. i usually come away with small collections to give as gifts or add that special oompf to packages.
i was happy to see a lady who always has the best finds in the place. she seems to have a little story about each thing, and they all 'used to be mine'. i got a 1940s bow and a box of hair clips, i've never seen one like this gold clip before.
i was pinchin' myself, so smitten with my finds, but then i wanted to pinch somebody (my face prolly looked a bit like these kitties below haha) else when all the sellers seemed to be talking about the close of the market. whaaaaaa? no way!! no teasin'. but it's true. they are closing the market on 28 of march to re-develop the site and build flats. i don't get it. who am i kidding, i'm still in denial about it. greenwich already lost flying duck last year. and now this. i hope there are talks of setting up somewhere else, or maybe expanding the smaller market by the picture house. i'll definitely be heading back down to greenwich a few more times before 28 of march, making sure i find out the other markets where my favourites will be.


Phoebe said...

honestly, I can't believe it. My January blues are going from bad to worse... first Shipleys, now Greenwich, London R.I.P!

jessica said...

i hear ya, they'll never sell all those flats, and the people who do move in will be so disappointed that greenwich has lost all its charmers. it's so sad!

jessica said...

oh no and i've just seen this as well::


The Cinema Museum is due to close. The developers will soon move in and convert it into flats. A real shame, because this place is a London asset - a charming hotchpotch of everything you could possibly associate with cinema: original posters, clothes of film starts, spool stacked upon spool of film, whole rooms crammed with projectors, original cinema carpets (serious), chairs, wallpaper…every corner tells a new story of the life of the picture house. The men that run it are as idiosyncratic and fascinating as their collection, as the 3D tour on the website, which they host, demonstrates. But don’t miss the real thing, before it’s too late. Visits upon appointment.

let's make a date.

anna wadham said...

Just found your blog today- love all your photos and finds a lot...so sad about greenwich will have to go before I'm too late.

jessica said...

hi anna, thanks for your sweet comment, that means a lot to me! i hope you make it to greenwich before it's all over.

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