04 January 2009

the red balloon.

on our last day of freedom before going back to work, my flatmate, her friend dave and i walked into stoke newington today, a walk we take a lot of sundays. we popped into the usual shops, tried out a new coffee shop and then hit clissold park. i really haven't taken enough time to explore the park. the last time i went was this summer for carters steam fair (!) which distracted me from all the lovelies.
this time around i was wishing for summery temperatures as we checked out the aviary and animal enclosures. i am looking even more forward to springtime now for lazy sundays lounging in clissold park and sittin' a spell at the mansion cafe.
the surreal hi-lite of the afternoon of course was dave's balloon. i felt like i was watching an episode of mr wizard! we lost the balloon after a while, who knows where it made its final resting spot.
along our walks we always see kooky crazy gardens like this one. this lot woulda made the perfect studio audience for mr wizard!

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