10 January 2009

meshes of freedom.

last nite i went with my friend dom to see cildo at tate modern. after the film we sipped free wine and then popped into the gallery for one last look at the amazing show.
the best time to go to tate is on a saturday nite as it's a bit quieter. when i saw the show for the first time i was on my own, and i really wanted to take a few photos, but as a 'museum professional' myself i'm always a bit nervous to take photos and they generally aren't allowed. plus i said that would give me reason to come back at least one more time before the exhibition finished. and most of all, i usually prefer to savour those precious times over fidgeting with a camera to capture something that is nearly impossible: being in the space and looking, hearing, feeling the works.
with the film being slam-packed and the artist also present (!), last nite was actually very busy, so there were a few queues to see some of the installations. there were also so many cameras poppin' that i thought ay! i'll give it a go this time around. my favourite piece in the exhibition is fontes, a room filled with 6,000 rulers, 1,000 clocks and 500,000 vinyl numbers.
Cildo Meireles Fontes, 1992/2008 Dedicated to Alfredo Fontes
numbers have 'fallen' off of the clocks and rulers onto the floor so they can't actually be used to measure time or distance. and the rulers have been hung in a formation based on the milky way, so once you step inside the piece you are in this spiralling maze with the swishing of the rulers against each other and your body layered atop the varying ticking sounds from the clocks. i could stay in there for a very long time.
it's difficult to describe but very easy to enjoy and become almost hypnotised by! dom did a short video and here you can see and hear a bit of what i'm trying to describe.
aren't you tempted to see the show now? there are only two days left. you can peek at the other works here. and be sure to check out the film just outside the exit with the making of the exhibition and visits to cildo's studio and the ruler factory (!).


april said...

That looks AMAZING! I could definitely get lost in there for hours!

ileana said...

Oh, wow, that looks incredible!

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