22 January 2009

lost and found.

sometimes i want to take back what i said about being lost.....it's usually in the huff's and puff's of being late for an appointment. i don't mind not knowing where i am, it's not having the time to not know that gets me anced.
but the colours, patterns, smells and back alleys are things i may never otherwise experience. plus i'm sure not to get lost in the same place twice right? so i'll say it again. i love to be lost. and then found.


Phoebe said...

Your finds are amazing Jess, you're like a southern belle version of James Mason in "The London Nobody Knows". How are you today? we stayed til 5.30!! x

jessica said...
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jessica said...

ahhh phoebs thanks so much! i will add that to my list, i really want to read more books about london.

5.30....?! gosh i had to get outta there. the Quease really comes on when it gets close to sunrise haha. looks like you guys found some lovely tableware afterwards (!). i hope urara made it home alright! xx

Phoebe said...

hey jess, it was originally a book, by geoffrey fletcher, but this is the documentary, with James Mason... it's amazing.

jessica said...

oh he is my new idol!! gonna have to visit all of his places and make them my own. would you like to be part of my camera crew?

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