29 January 2009

just dreamy.

i spent most of my university days (and nites) at our student-run basement radio station, wuag. hours upon hours talkin' shop, making promo materials, disc jockying, going to see bands for free. we were quite spoiled looking back on those years, being part of an organisation on the rise and lucky enough to be so close to chapel hill to be near the shows. we also had gatecitynoise (r.i.p.) just across the street bringin' bands in every week to play for free. there was a time when i was at shows most nites and then i think i just burned myself out, still lovin' the bands don't get me wrong. just feelin' a bit old haha. i began going mostly to local shows while making the drive only for my die-hard faves.
things changed a bit when i came to london, as i have some great friends but still haven't met very many people with the same taste in music as me. there are so many unique venues and can be an overwhelming list of shows in any given week, and i always ask myself, do i want to go to a gig alone or invite someone along who may not enjoy it.....and worry that they're not having a good time. last week i went to see david grubbs at the lovely luminaire, one of my favourite venues. i went on my own and was very happy i did. the lumi reminds me a lot of go! rehearsals back home (also now r.i.p.) in scale and overall vibe but has the added smile-enhancing bonus of being able to stand just off-side the stage so you can be that bit closer. oh! and they've got this great sign telling people to be quiet or leave, which i just love and wish all venues had!
(photo from clubhemisphere.)
he played a pretty good mix of old and new, with a few gastr del sol tracks mixed in. the hi-lite for me tho was his cover of the carter family's 'death is only a dream'. i didn't have much luck with videos but luckily this one came out! so i hope you enjoy.
p.s. would you like to go to a gig sometime?


Gorilla Bananas said...

It is now fashionable to have a big gap between the trouser hem and your feet?

jessica said...

hi gorilla_bananas, i'm not so sure if it's fashionable but i love these trousers (i assume you're referring to my other post 'over the top'?) just the way they are. i am a bit tall (5 ft 9 ins) so have a lot of highwaters! plus, i don't really follow trends, i mean i follow them in as much as noting what they are, but i tend to steer clear, wearing what i like and feel most comfortable in and what suits my shape best, fashionable or not.

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

saving that link as you like alot of bands I do and thre are many in there I have never heard of that I will have to check out, it seems like we have a similar music taste. :-) A few of my faves in your list ar; Arcade Fire, Architecture in Helsinki, Guns N Roses, Of Montreal, Fleet Foxes. Do you like The black Keys, Raconteurs, Cold War Kids, Kings of Leon. If you have not heard I think you would like. :-)

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