18 January 2009

heads or tails? penny door revisited.

some time ago i dedicated a post to one of my favourite daily sights: the penny door in city road. tonite when i was waiting for my bus my eyes couldn't help but scan the oliver house for some form of life. a little boy peered out from an orange-lit room and there were a few plants thriving in the windows. when my eyes fell once more upon the pennies there was a man with a dog, looking like he was going to either knock or go in. i never got a reply to the email i sent so i saw this as my chance to see what oliver house was all about.
he seemed a bit startled but he told me that the house is a squatter house, as suspected. and that the owner knows they are living there and is ok with it. he didn't know anything about the building coming down, so let's hope it is there for a long time to come. i was too nervous and too excited to be so close to the inside (!) that i didn't think to ask any other questions. part of me wants to see the inside so much, but the other part knows the reality will never live up to my daydreams. and the magic of just not knowing.
p.s. 22 jan, i got an email from mister penny!! hello! its very nice to recieve your email, and i'm very happy it makes you smile every day! the building was business in the past but over the past 5 years at least has been a residential squat and the pennydoor was a project towards the outside world which is very different to the inside of the building... well my name is myrto, and I put actually made the door as it is with the help of many housemates. The thing is that I have mooved to athens so i cant open the door for you. What you can do is to ring the doorbell and say you got in contact with me and ask if it is possible to have a look around ... thanx for the nice words and blog! myrto


abby said...

a man with a dog? that sounds dodgy in the coolest way possible. keep the mystery.

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Oh goody, more information on the lovely door, how interesting it is a squat. This line is torture as to the curiosity it stirs "the outside world which is very different to the inside of the building".

Alex Shapiro said...

So, c'mon, you gonna go in? And post about it? And maybe take some pix? You can't leave off here! I googled the hell out of that place after seeing it for the first time on Friday - so very eager for you to keep digging.

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