30 November 2008


i've been in serial withdrawal lately....i haven't been back home for a year and am really startin' to get that itch. it doesn't look like i make it home for the holidays either.....so for now the itch is gonna have to keep on keepin' on. one of the things i miss most is my honkin' pile of fabrics collected over the years. i've found very few sources here in london for second-hand textiles and have dreamed many a'day and nite of a jet-set returning with, among other things, a suitcase bursting with stripes, plaids, spots'n'dots, laces, canvases and denims.
in a moment of desperation i decided to, for the very first time, take apart a bag i myself had made and use the remnants for something totally new. i crafted the first bag when i was home last christmas using a score (!) of minty-fresh railroad denim from salvation army and the remains of a 1950s dress.
i originally intended for it to be a carrier bag for groceries, but soon grew to love it for every day. every. day.
but then our love faded! and i wanted somethin' fresh. so i added a yoke from a pair of pinstripe jeans-now-shorts and a salmon zipper from an ebay lot. and cupid and i were back in business.
i'm really happy with how it came out and have carried it nearly every day for the past few weeks. i'd never put a zipper into a large bag, but it wasn't nearly as daunting as i'd imagined. i will have to take some photos of the back side where you can still see a few stitches from the original 'shields', and also some photos of the inside, grey-blue and white striped.
until then i'm in a denim wonderland!
: : :
oh and p.s. i just got a modepass. still learning how to make the most of it.

27 November 2008


it's not cranberry sauce and cornbread, but the cosy, nap-inducing feeling afterwards comes pretty close. i've fallen hard.

23 November 2008

t a g . . .

so i've been 'tagged' [for the first time ever] by the lovely april. the rules are that i am to list six things that make me happy and then pass the honour onto six bloggers that i love, linking to the newly tagged.
*six smile-makers, in no particular order [illustrated with a wander thru my flickr archives]:: cakes. making and eating them. all sizes and flavours, especially chocolate ones and especially mini ones. my sweet tooth has only grown with age!
getting lost. i've seen the most amazing things having taken the wrong turn or gotten off at the wrong bus stop.
denim. the older and more raggedy the better, tho dark and hi-waisted are what i turn to these days.
the smell of old library books. yesterday's visit to camden arts centre reaffirmed my love of this smell. in their reading room there is a mini library set up and the smell has taken over the entire room. so lovely! like many i also love finding old notes and lists inside of books.
travelin' [this too usually involves getting lost!]. by foot and by train are my current favourites.
stationery. office supplies. pen and paper. however you want to call it, i just can't get enuf. a nite in cutting and pasting is a dream-come-true. and i've been known to carry around gobs of pens because you never know when you will need a gold stabilo right?
*and six bloggers:: tara-lynn sandra fashion forestry porcelain garden marina betty . . . y o u ' r e i t !

22 November 2008

won over.

i've never been a cat person. or a dog person for that matter....i've always thought it was because i'd never had a pet before. when i moved into my current flat i was absolutely (and still am) in love with it, and tho i was a bit weary of three (!) cats i was willing to give it a go. i've always secretly wanted a pet after all. over the past eight months i've slowly grown used to cats on the counter, fur balls all over the place, cats drinking from the tap......we've even had bully cats come in the flat which at times took the number of cats in the flat to four or five and made me feel like i was in an episode of heathcliff.
well with a few less bullies these days, three is indeed the magic number..........accepting the cats long ago and growing to love them a bit more each day, i've only recently been accepted by the most aloof (and avid nylon reader!) of the bunch, chops. or chopsicles, chopsy, papa smurf, or any of the many nicknames he is so fondly called. for the past coupla weeks i've gotten a daily headbutt from mr chops, something he's only given to two other people ever! it's a little nuzzle that means so much. and every time i have a flashback to seeing wesley willis play on west market street. at fuzzy ducks before it was fuzzy ducks. he greeted me with a headbutt on the sidewalk. it was such an amazing time, early in my wuag days and falling in love with a new band every day it seemed. back then i never would've imagined myself living with three cats. and now i can't imagine the flat without them.

16 November 2008

spoilt for choice.

i've been lucky enough to go to some great gigs, exhibitions, venues and eateries as of late. it seems like london wins my heart a little more each day. i've wanted to blog about all of these things individually but of course haven't.....so here goes a lil' list::
+ damien jurado at union chapel (which included the dreamiest j. tillman cover)
+ kick for lunch
+ throw me the statue at the luminaire
+ warhol at the hayward
+ robin rhode at the hayward
+ scott walker performed by jarvis cocker and damon albarn, among others, at the barbican
+ cildo meireles at tate modern
+ hunger
+ shunt
+ meat sweats
this week i'm lookin' forward to seeing low + ida at koko and also fashion in motion at the v&a. and finding out about this has taken me over the edge.

15 November 2008


(a woman with her hair dressed in an enormously high chignon, c.1900)
last nite i went with maryam to a super-funn HAIR-themed evening at the wellcome collection. i've been really into plaits and braids to tame my hair as it grows longer and thickens into a mushroom. and i've always wanted to go to beauty college. and i absolutely love beards of all shapes and sizes. so this was my dream event right? right when we walked in we saw loads of people wearing fake 'staches, so we headed to the 'stache table and got our own. it was so funny to see myself with a moustache!
they had various events on all levels of the space: you could get your hair done up in a beehive, attempt to shave a balloon, chat up some moustache clubbers, try your hand at felting or knitting with hair, or even play with a pedigree doggie.
i was most impressed by the shaven heads from mkhsa hair academy. these eyes-in-the-back-of-the-head take three hours to do! check out their gallery for some crazy hair.
i was left thinkin' about my mama and the big hair she had back in the day. she had her hair done each week and their hairdresser vic would come round to their houses for the ultimate v.i.p.-treatment.
and of course i've had my own fair share of big hair. this is my first grade photo, home perm by my mom and my aunt peggy. lookin' at this makes me question my current lust after a perm!

13 November 2008

window shopping.

i've been caught lookin' in a few windows i shouldn't. but that doesn't stop me lookin'! boarded up or veiled in lace, the best window-moments are usually those that you can't capture fast enough....small children peering from behind drawn shades, their faces saying 'let me outta here!'....pets' faces saying the same....or the myriad things i see each day from the bus or train.
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