18 December 2008

Good eats: Visions of sugarplums.

thanks so much for all of your well wishes and comments. they definitely did the trick and made me smile! a week on i am feeling so much better, just in time for all the festivities.
today we had a big city of london holiday lunch at the much-hyped medieval guildhall. all the trimmings, plenty o'wine and brandy, and plenty o'smiles. i sported christmasy colours and two of my finds from the angels sale: a red 1980s wrap top and the most magical of hats. it makes me nostalgic for childhood gumdrops trees covered with big sugar sprinkles.
there was a hat competition and i saw it as the perfect opportunity to wear my new gem. i didn't know you had to be in the 'parade' to be judged, so i wasn't judged, and in the end the winner sported a huge paper christmas pudding atop her head. so many people told me i'd been robbed of the title, the hat was a real hit. and one person from cinema said the hat was very similar to one in a katharine hepburn film (she mentioned another actress as well but the name escapes me), gotta find out which one. for now the hat sits atop my dresser, awaiting a few new sequins and a minor clean!
it was so much fun though to be with everyone from the gallery and the barbican and we headed to the pub afterwards, little energy left for work! on the way a few of us checked out the lord mayor's rolls royce. he wasn't very happy to see us in it.


yarnovermovement said...

you look SPECTACULAR!!!!
you win my vote

ldvnicole said...

Your outfit is heavenly

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