31 December 2008

stripes ahoy.

i had a few days off work (still enjoying those actually!) and hibernated for a while in our spare room which triples as our guest room, laundry room and my sewing room. i had so much funn and i know something i've made is a success when i don't want to give it away (!). but i did give them away, and the recipients were very happy.
my favourite was this pouch for maryam. made with polka dot fabric my mama sent from north carolina and the latte brown is from john lewis (yes, i had to cave in and buy new!). the inside is made with the light blue fabric you see above and is divided with a snap. oh! and it's too bad you can't see there is a banana-yellow zipper to top it all off.
i have been in love with stripes for the longest time, and recently have also been incorporating chevron stripes and pleats. i plan to make a bigger bag just like this for myself. ahhhhhhh to have more fabrics to choose from (sourcing them over here and also bringing back a haul when i go home) and update my long-dormant etsy shop is definitely a goal for early 2009.
shouldn't be too tough with my new assistant yoshi, he has been spending so much time with me and the machine. silly cat! p.s. where are the blogger experts.....i tried to change the layout of my blog and now all the links are at the bottom instead of at the side. help!

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