27 December 2008

holiday (part one).

this christmas brought me to harlow town in essex, where i spent three smile-worthy days with my dear friend maryam and her family. on christmas eve we had a tour by blue taxi (her daddy drives a black cab) of the lights of harlow and munched on the pecan pie i'd brought.
it was so nice to be in an actual house instead of a flat, and when we woke up around 11 on christmas morning we found sammy the squirrel had paid a visit. i've never seen a squirrel so tame as to come in the house and eat nuts right from your hand, incredible! she is definitely holding the place of the future asghari grandchildren, spoiled rotten.
after opening presents we had a bit of a laugh (well, i was dorkily enjoying it the most!) with omid's old citroen 2cv. there are a lot of photos over on my flickr, but here are my favourites of the bunch.
i was pumped to wear another find from the angels sale, this olive green blouse that looks as if it was once a dress. the fabric is just like a parachute! and i adore the ribbon and sleeve details. i also sported my new tabio heart tights, i have been eyeing them since the summer. i think i will go back and get them in nude and brown as well (!).
i let my braids halfway down and was happily surprised to see a bit of a wave in my usually straighter than straight locks. since i am still lusting after a perm, i might be investing in some hot curlers during the sales too!
(pretending omid and i are on holiday.)
watch this space for more tales from my harlow town christmas...


anja louise said...

That squirrel is so cute! I would love it if I could feed the squirrels in my yard like that.

Those heart tights are awesome!

ldvnicole said...

I love everything about your green top!!

jessica said...

thanks so much anja louise and ldvnicole.

i am looking very forward to seeing sammy again, i think they have been 'training' (a.k.a. spoiling!) her for about a year now.

sabertooth said...

CUH-YOOOOTE tights!!!

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