28 December 2008

holiday (part deux).

after having so much funn with the 2cv we had the yummiest christmas dinner. i made a few american contributions including deviled eggs and yams with marshmallows (the least successful because i couldn't find plain white marshmallows and the topping turned green! it still tasted good tho, and that's all that counts right....?). we were all so full afterwards that there was no room for dessert.
but i say, there's always room for dessert! especially when it's my grandma fannie's chocolate pie, made by my mother ever since i can remember. for years i have stirred the chocolate for my mama, really just waiting to lick the bowl, and thinking that meringue happened by magic. but never have i made it without her, and since we couldn't be on the same continent this year, i had to have piece of that pie to hold me over til we are reunited in february! in the end it tasted just like home, and i couldn't have done it without maryam and david's help.
we stayed up into the nite playing 'pub quiz' and learning things we never thought we'd want to know, and on boxing day took a walk into town to check out the locals. i fell in love with this clock and hope they don't tear it down as they've done with the lovely water garden.
designed by harlow's town planner sir frederick gibberd in 1958/59, the almost corbusian (can't seem to get away from work!) gardens were destroyed around 2003 to make room for a huge car park and a tkmaxx, among other shops. it's so sad!! i wish i could've seen in its heyday, but can't find any photos online. they have thankfully left a few portions that are really just a tease, check out those tiles and the carved concrete.
it was the most beautiful day to be in the sun and it got even lovelier when the sun went down.....tomorrow i will tell ya why i'm really ready to move to epping(!).

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