29 December 2008

holiday (the cherry on top).

so.....yesterday i mentioned i was ready to move to epping....well just about!! on boxing day we went with maryam's parents for a drink in the countryside at a pub called the horse and the horseshoe. i can't find anything about it online so that may not be the exact name, but i know it involves a horse and a horseshoe, and the logo is outta sight with two h's made to look like exposed beams of the pub itself.
everywhere you turned there were copper kettles, bed warmers, horseshoes.....ahhhhhh it was heaven on earth! i really want to go back there in warmer weather and with the sun shining down to get the full thrill.
if i ever have a wedding.........sigh.......it might just be at the horse and the horseshoe, i loved it there that much. the country air, the copper and brass all over the place, the magic at every turn, the pet pig (!), smiles all around, exposed beams.....and need i mention the horse theme again......? there were so many things i wanted to take home with me, if only they hadn't been nailed to the wall!!
i'm on the prowl now......
n.y.e. edit:: i've just learned the pub is called 'the horns and horsehoes' and is in harlow not epping. so......if you're nearby i think it's worth it, i'm still smiling just thinking about all that copper'n'bronze!

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