22 November 2008

won over.

i've never been a cat person. or a dog person for that matter....i've always thought it was because i'd never had a pet before. when i moved into my current flat i was absolutely (and still am) in love with it, and tho i was a bit weary of three (!) cats i was willing to give it a go. i've always secretly wanted a pet after all. over the past eight months i've slowly grown used to cats on the counter, fur balls all over the place, cats drinking from the tap......we've even had bully cats come in the flat which at times took the number of cats in the flat to four or five and made me feel like i was in an episode of heathcliff.
well with a few less bullies these days, three is indeed the magic number..........accepting the cats long ago and growing to love them a bit more each day, i've only recently been accepted by the most aloof (and avid nylon reader!) of the bunch, chops. or chopsicles, chopsy, papa smurf, or any of the many nicknames he is so fondly called. for the past coupla weeks i've gotten a daily headbutt from mr chops, something he's only given to two other people ever! it's a little nuzzle that means so much. and every time i have a flashback to seeing wesley willis play on west market street. at fuzzy ducks before it was fuzzy ducks. he greeted me with a headbutt on the sidewalk. it was such an amazing time, early in my wuag days and falling in love with a new band every day it seemed. back then i never would've imagined myself living with three cats. and now i can't imagine the flat without them.

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