23 November 2008

t a g . . .

so i've been 'tagged' [for the first time ever] by the lovely april. the rules are that i am to list six things that make me happy and then pass the honour onto six bloggers that i love, linking to the newly tagged.
*six smile-makers, in no particular order [illustrated with a wander thru my flickr archives]:: cakes. making and eating them. all sizes and flavours, especially chocolate ones and especially mini ones. my sweet tooth has only grown with age!
getting lost. i've seen the most amazing things having taken the wrong turn or gotten off at the wrong bus stop.
denim. the older and more raggedy the better, tho dark and hi-waisted are what i turn to these days.
the smell of old library books. yesterday's visit to camden arts centre reaffirmed my love of this smell. in their reading room there is a mini library set up and the smell has taken over the entire room. so lovely! like many i also love finding old notes and lists inside of books.
travelin' [this too usually involves getting lost!]. by foot and by train are my current favourites.
stationery. office supplies. pen and paper. however you want to call it, i just can't get enuf. a nite in cutting and pasting is a dream-come-true. and i've been known to carry around gobs of pens because you never know when you will need a gold stabilo right?
*and six bloggers:: tara-lynn sandra fashion forestry porcelain garden marina betty . . . y o u ' r e i t !


madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

Thanks for tagging me, I posted mine before I take a little "holiday."

yarnovermovement said...

thanks for tagging me, i haven't posted yet, but i will!!!!

verhext said...

definitely getting lost. do you know the situationist idea of dérive? i've found some of the most amazing places / books / people just drifting like this.

april said...

those mini cakes are making me drool!!! yum!

geek-betty said...

eek sorry it took me so long to see this! I finally got around to doing it. thank you!

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