16 November 2008

spoilt for choice.

i've been lucky enough to go to some great gigs, exhibitions, venues and eateries as of late. it seems like london wins my heart a little more each day. i've wanted to blog about all of these things individually but of course haven't.....so here goes a lil' list::
+ damien jurado at union chapel (which included the dreamiest j. tillman cover)
+ kick for lunch
+ throw me the statue at the luminaire
+ warhol at the hayward
+ robin rhode at the hayward
+ scott walker performed by jarvis cocker and damon albarn, among others, at the barbican
+ cildo meireles at tate modern
+ hunger
+ shunt
+ meat sweats
this week i'm lookin' forward to seeing low + ida at koko and also fashion in motion at the v&a. and finding out about this has taken me over the edge.


the snail and the cyclops said...

Jess, that sale sounds amazing! Have they advertised much for it? If ever there's a day to tuck your Southern sweetness away and maybe throw an elbow or two - I think it might be on December 6th! I hope you'll share some photos of your finds!!

april said...

Jessica! I don't know if you're down for tags, but I've tagged you for a Kreative Blogger award!

jessica said...

effie:: they've been talkin' about it all over the internet it seems, and all i'm thinkin' is shhhhhhhhhhh stop spreadin' the news! i've set aside some funds for the day and will have to definitely step up my game. staying away from all the shops as well.......ahhhhhhhhhh i can't wait!

and april:: thank you so much, how sweet you are! i've never been tagged before, so will see what i can do this weekend.

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