30 November 2008


i've been in serial withdrawal lately....i haven't been back home for a year and am really startin' to get that itch. it doesn't look like i make it home for the holidays either.....so for now the itch is gonna have to keep on keepin' on. one of the things i miss most is my honkin' pile of fabrics collected over the years. i've found very few sources here in london for second-hand textiles and have dreamed many a'day and nite of a jet-set returning with, among other things, a suitcase bursting with stripes, plaids, spots'n'dots, laces, canvases and denims.
in a moment of desperation i decided to, for the very first time, take apart a bag i myself had made and use the remnants for something totally new. i crafted the first bag when i was home last christmas using a score (!) of minty-fresh railroad denim from salvation army and the remains of a 1950s dress.
i originally intended for it to be a carrier bag for groceries, but soon grew to love it for every day. every. day.
but then our love faded! and i wanted somethin' fresh. so i added a yoke from a pair of pinstripe jeans-now-shorts and a salmon zipper from an ebay lot. and cupid and i were back in business.
i'm really happy with how it came out and have carried it nearly every day for the past few weeks. i'd never put a zipper into a large bag, but it wasn't nearly as daunting as i'd imagined. i will have to take some photos of the back side where you can still see a few stitches from the original 'shields', and also some photos of the inside, grey-blue and white striped.
until then i'm in a denim wonderland!
: : :
oh and p.s. i just got a modepass. still learning how to make the most of it.

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madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

Nice reworking / reuse / salvage!

I have a couple denim bags I flirt with throughout the year too. Also a neglected modepass. *wonders if she can still login*

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