15 November 2008


(a woman with her hair dressed in an enormously high chignon, c.1900)
last nite i went with maryam to a super-funn HAIR-themed evening at the wellcome collection. i've been really into plaits and braids to tame my hair as it grows longer and thickens into a mushroom. and i've always wanted to go to beauty college. and i absolutely love beards of all shapes and sizes. so this was my dream event right? right when we walked in we saw loads of people wearing fake 'staches, so we headed to the 'stache table and got our own. it was so funny to see myself with a moustache!
they had various events on all levels of the space: you could get your hair done up in a beehive, attempt to shave a balloon, chat up some moustache clubbers, try your hand at felting or knitting with hair, or even play with a pedigree doggie.
i was most impressed by the shaven heads from mkhsa hair academy. these eyes-in-the-back-of-the-head take three hours to do! check out their gallery for some crazy hair.
i was left thinkin' about my mama and the big hair she had back in the day. she had her hair done each week and their hairdresser vic would come round to their houses for the ultimate v.i.p.-treatment.
and of course i've had my own fair share of big hair. this is my first grade photo, home perm by my mom and my aunt peggy. lookin' at this makes me question my current lust after a perm!

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