03 October 2008

the ultimate treat.

new blog up at dazed digital. it took a while with this one as i lost most of my free time during the take-down of the show. you can see a few more photos on my flickr.
i was so tired by the end of this day, but what an inspiring day it was!!
my favourite 'dress' grayson showed was this teddy bear jacket by heezin jung. you can move the teddy bears around wherever you'd like. the teddies remind me of the strawberry shortcake and cabbage patch pillows my grannies made me as a child, you cut out the front and back and sew them together! the fairy-tale print and the colours really take me back.
[photo from ian gav]
looking at these photos again i wish i'd asked grayson for some curler tips!! happy friday all.


Zoe Sinclair said...

Hi Jessica.. What an amazing evening it was indeed! The fact that Grayson invited the audience to touch his dresses (provided our hands were clean) was wonderful. He was just as down to earth, funny and inspiring as I had hoped.

jessica said...

zoe! i haven't forgotten about coming to see you, will come and see you soon. things have been so crazy at work (and home) but i'll drop you an email this week for sure. x

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