11 October 2008

mister sandman.

over the past few months i've been on the lookout for a set of vintage pyjamas. i have a good number of bedtime pieces but really want a set. i know i'm not the only one lustin' more and more each week after the mad men wardrobes (not to mention the sets and hair and........ typewriters!) -- betty has the best pyjamas and nighties! while i stay on the trail i've found some adorable patterns on etsy.
(1930s - in the house or out and about) (1957 - look at that waist!)
(1973 - love lil' lady number 2)
(1939 ftg. jane wyman with dream hair)
i've been wanting to take a shoe making class for about a year now, and have been fantasising about making bedroom slippers just like the ones my aunt peggy always wears. you can still buy these in discount shops but i have big ideas for some of my own design. so today i ordered this pattern from etsy, i can't wait to try it out!
all this talk about bedtime makes for a lazy saturday loungin' and daydreaming.


april said...

oooh a shoe making course! that would be amazing! once you have that skill you can make any footwear you can dream up!!! no more hunting around for the elusive "perfect" shoe that you can never quite find in the shops... you can just go home and whip them up! yeah!
the top pj pattern is my favourite! did you get any of the pajama patterns or just the slippers? I can't wait to see what you make!

jessica said...

april! i always see shoes out at thrift/vintage shops and as i'm a 9.5 US/7 UK vintage is not so easy to score. i've had many a teary-eyed moment over size 5's! taking shoe making is one way to learn to reproduce all the vintage i can't fit into! and make it last as well....i think we've all had our fair share of vintage shoe breakdowns.

i haven't bought any of the patterns just yet, i'll start with the slippers and work my way up ha.

april said...

tell me about it! the teary eyed wish that maybe, just maybe (especially when shopping on line) that somehow from the time you see them to the time you try them on they will have miraculously changed size... ? yeah. I have issues. clearly.

Anonymous said...

is this your bedroom? it is like a movie set, awesome!

jessica said...

hi there, it is pretty dreamy, unfortunately not my bedroom only a home away from home! it's a hotel in berlin (wilmersdorf) called hotel bellevue. hope i get to go back there one day!

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