26 October 2008

johnny angel.

(photo by natalie)
why is it that you always find the most irresistible finds when you are out 'helping' a friend find things and you've told yourself that you've a. gotta stick to your budget and b. just don't need anything else......(b. rarely aids in restraint as i always tell myself i can swap or sell something)? a coupla sundays ago i found this amazing letter jacket at rokit in camden.
after several try-ons and fondlings as i walked around the shop i just couldn't leave it behind. the perfect 'this is my boyfriend's' fit and the sweet embroidery of the original owner's name 'eddie orr' sent me over the moon. on a practical note (!), it's super-warm. plus, it helped take my mind off the £120 gabardine western shirt i had to leave behind.
when i imagine eddie i think of american graffiti and how i fall in love all over again each time i watch it.
(photo from imdb)
without the dvd to hand i will settle for a bit of youtube.

1 comment:

sabertooth said...

oh the Cheney Studs!
what a name!
much better than the Warriors or the Roadrunners or other highschool football team names.
the Studs...
oh boy.

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