13 October 2008

it's a deal.

so i sealed the deal today and wore my new goldies. guess it helped to look at all my previous gold shoes loved and now lost. once i replace the uncomfortable laces with grosgrain ribbon i see many happy days in our future.
after a late lunch maryam and i had a nice lil' stroll around paul street. in the roundabout there is this crazy big 'button' we call it....i'm not quite sure what it is, but i love it. seeing it means i'm almost there. to work that is. it also means you can turn down any of the streets and find amazing bars and plenty of street art to look at. things are constantly changing and in notice something 'new' everyday.
in this tiny street off paul street it is hard to believe these walls were covered with grafitti and flyers just a couple months ago. here's to new beginnings. hopefully it won't be another pret!

1 comment:

Yadira said...

I love the art, and those shoes are amazing!

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