19 October 2008

first class.

this past week has been filled with openings, old friends and lotsa art. it's been busy in the very best way and i'm hoping that a lazy sunday will nurse away my sore throat.
(photo by natalie)
on thursday we opened our new exhibition, and since i didn't work on this show it was fun to take a backseat and enjoy the opening and also the show. things were a bit slow between the media and private views so a few of us enjoyed a leisurely lunch in whitecross.
(photo by natalie)
if you're ever near the barbican for a sunny lunchtime you can't find a better lunch than in whitecross street market. you can choose everything from sausages and salads to thai to italian, burritos, falafels and plenty of cakes.
(salad man is a big fave!)
you can hardly move through the street at lunchtime but once all the tents come down you can't help but notice it's a bit of a ghost town. barbican grill sadly closed last year and the building has now been done up to generic status and replaced by offices. the frowns turned to smiles when we learned a coffee@ would open in whitecross. a look around post-lunch chaos leaves me with a furrowed brow. there are at least five empty shops in a row. all with rich histories waiting patiently to be reincarnated. i hope it won't be more offices, but for now i won't worry about that as i daydream of what once was. my favourite is pine-oak-eo's, perhaps a charity shop in its most recent life. i would love to have seen these shops in their prime, and who wouldn't want to go inside them in their present state for a little scrounging!?


april said...

I always want to go into old abandoned buildings! It's a compulsion! Luckily (or not) I don't come across too many. Pin-oak-eos looks like its still full of stock! Enticing! And what the heck is a chicken venus pizza burger?!

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Those shops are so beautiful, it is so sad to see them empty.

jessica said...

it is sad that so many of them are empty. i recently read an article which described whitecross (they apparently, tho i've never seen it and i'm there nearly every day, have a hawk to scare away the pigeons) as a street with thriving market and shops. the market does thrive, but behind all the tents and tables you almost don't notice that the majority of the shops are abandoned, almost frozen in time.

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