12 October 2008


i had a really bad week this past week....i won't go into details here but it has to do with visas and immigration......and it's been a real rollercoaster-living-nitemare. through it all my friends and colleagues have supported me and the whole crazy situation, as hellish as it's been, has made me realise how much i want to stay here. so now that a corner has been turned, i can relax for a little while and even celebrate just a little....fingers-crossed.
what better way to celebrate than with bling right? i recently splurged on a pair of gold pegasus-style booties by f-troupe. i brought them home intending to try them on and see if i wanted to keep them for reals. but they're still in the box. perhaps they are meant to be my celebratory bling? they are the perfect shade of gold and looking down at them on my feet i feel like a bird in flight. so why are they still in the box? i hope to change that this week.......as i've only got a few days left i think to take them back if need be. i think mostly i've been feelin' a bit guilty about the amount of money i spent on them! but every pair of gold shoes i've owned have been worn to death. and worth every penny. i took a lil' trip down flickery lane today at my golden oldies:: bachelorette number 1 - first pair of goldies. these came into design archives in mint condition. i wore them all over town with every outfit, in all weather conditions, and even brought them to england where i did more of the same. wore them to their deaths. had them re-soled, and they were never the same without their original soft-leather soles. they now wait in my r.i.p. pile for the day i can re-construct them.
bachelorette number 2 - i bought these from absolute vintage (hands-down best place for vintage shoes in london, they have big selections in all sizes!) and have loved them all summer. loved them too much as now they are also r.i.p. ahhhhh woven and metallic leather, it's destiny!!
lucky number 3 - cork (!) and gold flats from etsy. i have yet to find a way to preserve the cork which cracks a bit more with each bend. they are beautiful just to look at though!
bachelorette number 4 - couldn't believe i was buying sandals in january, i tried so hard to resist these, but walked out one office only to see another down the street where i walked in and sealed the deal. and never looked back! i will be huntin' down another pair of these for next summer no doubt.
and......new to the group is bachelorette number 5 - i found these on ebay a couple months back and am so happy with them. let's see how long they make it!
if i keep the new goldies that means my wishlist gets a bit smaller.......on the hunt for red t-straps and vintage saddle shoes. i wear a US 9.5/UK 7 hint hint wink wink.


ldvnicole said...

The first pair of shoes kill me. I really wish they were mine! :)

april said...

yeah. you've GOT TO keep them! just by looking at all those other goldies, you know they're worth it!

Yadira said...

ugh! your shoe collection is fabulous!

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