28 October 2008

blue moon.

a week ago i could go without socks and at moments even without a coat. this morning it was wintry-cold but the sun warmed me as i dashed to the bus. everyone seemed to comment on the crisp air and beautiful colours all around. tonite i looked out the window to see sleet and snow comin' down onto white rooftops....... i can't wait to see [or should i say feel?] what comes next.

26 October 2008

johnny angel.

(photo by natalie)
why is it that you always find the most irresistible finds when you are out 'helping' a friend find things and you've told yourself that you've a. gotta stick to your budget and b. just don't need anything else......(b. rarely aids in restraint as i always tell myself i can swap or sell something)? a coupla sundays ago i found this amazing letter jacket at rokit in camden.
after several try-ons and fondlings as i walked around the shop i just couldn't leave it behind. the perfect 'this is my boyfriend's' fit and the sweet embroidery of the original owner's name 'eddie orr' sent me over the moon. on a practical note (!), it's super-warm. plus, it helped take my mind off the £120 gabardine western shirt i had to leave behind.
when i imagine eddie i think of american graffiti and how i fall in love all over again each time i watch it.
(photo from imdb)
without the dvd to hand i will settle for a bit of youtube.

19 October 2008

first class.

this past week has been filled with openings, old friends and lotsa art. it's been busy in the very best way and i'm hoping that a lazy sunday will nurse away my sore throat.
(photo by natalie)
on thursday we opened our new exhibition, and since i didn't work on this show it was fun to take a backseat and enjoy the opening and also the show. things were a bit slow between the media and private views so a few of us enjoyed a leisurely lunch in whitecross.
(photo by natalie)
if you're ever near the barbican for a sunny lunchtime you can't find a better lunch than in whitecross street market. you can choose everything from sausages and salads to thai to italian, burritos, falafels and plenty of cakes.
(salad man is a big fave!)
you can hardly move through the street at lunchtime but once all the tents come down you can't help but notice it's a bit of a ghost town. barbican grill sadly closed last year and the building has now been done up to generic status and replaced by offices. the frowns turned to smiles when we learned a coffee@ would open in whitecross. a look around post-lunch chaos leaves me with a furrowed brow. there are at least five empty shops in a row. all with rich histories waiting patiently to be reincarnated. i hope it won't be more offices, but for now i won't worry about that as i daydream of what once was. my favourite is pine-oak-eo's, perhaps a charity shop in its most recent life. i would love to have seen these shops in their prime, and who wouldn't want to go inside them in their present state for a little scrounging!?

13 October 2008

it's a deal.

so i sealed the deal today and wore my new goldies. guess it helped to look at all my previous gold shoes loved and now lost. once i replace the uncomfortable laces with grosgrain ribbon i see many happy days in our future.
after a late lunch maryam and i had a nice lil' stroll around paul street. in the roundabout there is this crazy big 'button' we call it....i'm not quite sure what it is, but i love it. seeing it means i'm almost there. to work that is. it also means you can turn down any of the streets and find amazing bars and plenty of street art to look at. things are constantly changing and in notice something 'new' everyday.
in this tiny street off paul street it is hard to believe these walls were covered with grafitti and flyers just a couple months ago. here's to new beginnings. hopefully it won't be another pret!

12 October 2008


i had a really bad week this past week....i won't go into details here but it has to do with visas and immigration......and it's been a real rollercoaster-living-nitemare. through it all my friends and colleagues have supported me and the whole crazy situation, as hellish as it's been, has made me realise how much i want to stay here. so now that a corner has been turned, i can relax for a little while and even celebrate just a little....fingers-crossed.
what better way to celebrate than with bling right? i recently splurged on a pair of gold pegasus-style booties by f-troupe. i brought them home intending to try them on and see if i wanted to keep them for reals. but they're still in the box. perhaps they are meant to be my celebratory bling? they are the perfect shade of gold and looking down at them on my feet i feel like a bird in flight. so why are they still in the box? i hope to change that this week.......as i've only got a few days left i think to take them back if need be. i think mostly i've been feelin' a bit guilty about the amount of money i spent on them! but every pair of gold shoes i've owned have been worn to death. and worth every penny. i took a lil' trip down flickery lane today at my golden oldies:: bachelorette number 1 - first pair of goldies. these came into design archives in mint condition. i wore them all over town with every outfit, in all weather conditions, and even brought them to england where i did more of the same. wore them to their deaths. had them re-soled, and they were never the same without their original soft-leather soles. they now wait in my r.i.p. pile for the day i can re-construct them.
bachelorette number 2 - i bought these from absolute vintage (hands-down best place for vintage shoes in london, they have big selections in all sizes!) and have loved them all summer. loved them too much as now they are also r.i.p. ahhhhh woven and metallic leather, it's destiny!!
lucky number 3 - cork (!) and gold flats from etsy. i have yet to find a way to preserve the cork which cracks a bit more with each bend. they are beautiful just to look at though!
bachelorette number 4 - couldn't believe i was buying sandals in january, i tried so hard to resist these, but walked out one office only to see another down the street where i walked in and sealed the deal. and never looked back! i will be huntin' down another pair of these for next summer no doubt.
and......new to the group is bachelorette number 5 - i found these on ebay a couple months back and am so happy with them. let's see how long they make it!
if i keep the new goldies that means my wishlist gets a bit smaller.......on the hunt for red t-straps and vintage saddle shoes. i wear a US 9.5/UK 7 hint hint wink wink.

11 October 2008

mister sandman.

over the past few months i've been on the lookout for a set of vintage pyjamas. i have a good number of bedtime pieces but really want a set. i know i'm not the only one lustin' more and more each week after the mad men wardrobes (not to mention the sets and hair and........ typewriters!) -- betty has the best pyjamas and nighties! while i stay on the trail i've found some adorable patterns on etsy.
(1930s - in the house or out and about) (1957 - look at that waist!)
(1973 - love lil' lady number 2)
(1939 ftg. jane wyman with dream hair)
i've been wanting to take a shoe making class for about a year now, and have been fantasising about making bedroom slippers just like the ones my aunt peggy always wears. you can still buy these in discount shops but i have big ideas for some of my own design. so today i ordered this pattern from etsy, i can't wait to try it out!
all this talk about bedtime makes for a lazy saturday loungin' and daydreaming.

03 October 2008

the ultimate treat.

new blog up at dazed digital. it took a while with this one as i lost most of my free time during the take-down of the show. you can see a few more photos on my flickr.
i was so tired by the end of this day, but what an inspiring day it was!!
my favourite 'dress' grayson showed was this teddy bear jacket by heezin jung. you can move the teddy bears around wherever you'd like. the teddies remind me of the strawberry shortcake and cabbage patch pillows my grannies made me as a child, you cut out the front and back and sew them together! the fairy-tale print and the colours really take me back.
[photo from ian gav]
looking at these photos again i wish i'd asked grayson for some curler tips!! happy friday all.
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