12 September 2008


the weather in london always gives you somethin’ to talk about right? ….or in the case of this week, to complain about (!). i think today is the first day i’ve carried an umbrella and not needed to use it….fingers-crossed. but dreary rainy weather is great for staying indoors snuggled up with a new library book or guilty-pleasure t.v., or venturing out to catch some gallery shows. whatever you choose to do, the end of the rain (or pause) brings with it the loveliest of greens and blues. enough beauty to almost make you forget you stepped in all the puddles you tried to dodge and have soggy shoes. yesterday on our lunchbreak there was a pause in the rain and maryam and i made our usual way to whitecross market. on the way back stopped to admire this beautiful rubik's cube wall, the colours were even more vibrant against the grey skies.
(photo by maryam)
i would love to have this pattern in muted colours as a chambray quilt......mmmhmmm.
i was wearing my topshop brogues which are officially ruined after too many puddles (may have to get these topshop metallic dreams to replace them for fall:)and my newest crush, these mary quant tights in 'nude spot' (the tights are covered with tiny baubles of thread) i found at my local charity shop. every time i go there they seem to have a new supply of mary quant hosiery and i always buy a couple things for myself or for surprise packages....let's hope no one else knows about the secret stash!
i'm so excited for this next couple days and week. we have a big grayson perry event next thursday that i'm working on and most exciting is our viktor & rolf symposium tomorrow. guess who's gonna be their personal escort........? watch this space.
if you're in london this weekend and you haven't seen the anya gallaccio/chantal akerman shows at camden arts centre.......go go go, they're ending on sunday! and allow a good 45 minutes to an hour for the akerman films, of course you could spend that long alone gazing at gallaccio's tree.
(anya gallaccio's unforgettable installation at camden arts centre,photo by damian griffiths)
happy friday.

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