27 September 2008

one long arm.

[iris palmer and her suitcases, 1997]
today at the design museum i got a glimpse into the magical world of tim walker's photography at his pictures exhibition.
[devon cream, the haldon hills, devon, 2007]
the exhibition covers 1991-2008 and what i love most about it is the inclusion of handwritten texts, scrapbooks, polaroids and props in addition to the final results. that's what we like to see right? the things we don't see on the pages of vogue. i would love to be one of the characters in his photographs, immersed in nostalgic fantasy-worlds inspired by the likes of c.s. lewis, florence k. upton and lewis carroll.
[children in northumberland] [lily cole in earthquake damaged room, gujarat, india, 2005]
you get a great behind-the-scenes look at the conclusion of the exhibition with video footage from this 2008 shoot which stood alongside the original props and set and the photographs. it was incredible to see the process from beginning to end.
[above and below: karen elson, alex gilbert and dolly, london, 2008]
i left the show floating on a fairy-tale-cloud and wishing i had £70 (!) extra for the catalogue. my heart was also sent a-flutter by a clipping from one of the vitrines, a 'recipe for flirtation tartlet by the piddle heart throb'. i haven't been able to find anything about it online, but i did write the recipe down for future use ;-). so sweet!!
recipe for flirtation tartlet
first take: 1 double seat 1 small waist 1 long arm a little hesitation stir slowly then add: 1 gentle squeeze 1 head on shoulder 1 "may i?" 2 kisses allow to simmer gently for ten minutes proceed to add: 1 much tighter squeeze 6 kisses flavour with: "my sweet" and "darlings" mix well together and serve in the shade of chinese lanterns, as broad daylight spoils the effect note: care should be taken that no small bothers be added to the ingredients.
[it rained outside so we camped inside, devon, 2002]
[erin o'connor with mirrored swans, c. 2006]
all photographs by tim walker. i didn't take any photos of the installation [always a bit hesitant!] but you can see a bit of it here.


Gorilla Bananas said...

These are very creative pictures. I'm impressed!

valerie said...

woah! thanks for sharing these--he's clearly brilliant

jessica said...

i have been dreaming of these photos since saturday.....not to mention a long-overdue trip to the countryside!

april said...

So lush! That recipe made me all a twitter too! sigh. romance.

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