15 September 2008

no need to waste it.

there was a serious crisp in the air this evening on my walk home, a crisp i welcome with open arms along with cravings for hot apple cider and gingerbread men. i'm not quite ready to pull out the flannels and longjohns, but i'm ready to get a bit snuggly. not that i really got to explore my summer things.....i can only really remember a few weeks of bare skin this summer, but that will make the next summer even better right....? for now i look forward to socks and tights. and crunchy leaves and boyfriend shoes. i think i am a bit behind in just getting the september issue of nylon last week, but hey! it is an 'import' over here! flippin' thru the pages was super-nostalgic and i had so many flashbacks to my ol' t.v. flames. the spread that really got me jonesin' for that time machine again was dedicated to ms mary tyler moore. toss it my way - i'd love to find this lil' beret in every colour.
i remember being on the plane back to london, it's nearly a year now since i moved back here. and halfway through the flight my eyes welled up with tears as i realised for the first time that i was scared of what i was doing, moving across the ocean, alone. and i told myself that a year ahead i would look back and laugh seeing how far i'd come. as i fall for london a little bit more each day, i think that day will be full of smiles. for the first couple months [until the stress of my job kicked in i think!] i had many a 'mary-tyler-moore-moment' walking up to the barbican. i've never worn a beret though, so didn't toss it in the air.....but the song always popped in my head. and there was a skip in my step. walking home tonite after many months i had another m.t.m.-moment, only this time it was serenaded by jens lekman.


Yadira said...

I love me some hot cider and snuggling too! but I'm with you, not enough summer memories this summer. Maybe I'll compensate this fall...

jessica said...

i'm excited to see how you will compensate....!

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