26 September 2008

heads or tails?

depending on how late i am running and which route i take, i often pass by the 'penny door' in city road as it is right around the corner from my office. it always stops me in my tracks. the main entrance to the building just beside welsey chapel brims with mystery and you can't help but wonder why the pennies on the door. then you wonder......what's behind those doors....? last week i finally caught a pic of me with the door to go with the photos i posted over on flickr a while back. i'm glad i've got this now, because when i googled 'penny door london' i learned that oliver house's days are numbered (!).
found in jj_willow's flickr stream: 'According to the planning report for Oliver House, the existing three storey building was constructed in the 1950s and has been in commercial/office use since then until it became vacant some five years ago. It is or has in the recent past been subject to squatters. It has approval to be demolished and replaced with a hotel / apartment complex. ' nooooooooooooooo is all i was thinkin'. and what is gonna become of those doors? it appears the decision was made in 2005 and now three years later, penny door lives on.
after a bit more searching it seems the pennies may have only been there since 2006. i think i am going to send an email to pennydoor and see what happens .......watch this space! all this talk of pennies makes me long for saturday mornings with pee wee's playhouse and footed pajamas. penny was always my fave.

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