28 September 2008

friday nite's reversal of time.

[photo by phoebe blatton]
last weekend i went for a birthday at the rivoli ballroom in south london. if you haven't been i say let's go together! it is a treat you'll never forget. it was jive party nite which meant live jive and swing with everybody decked out in their finest vintage. i don't think i stopped smiling the entire time we were there, it's an absolute dream in there and i can' t wait to go back!!
the rivoli seems to be completely frozen in time, from the 'ladies boudoir' [toilets] to the super-cheap spirits to the straight-outta 1940s singer. The velveteen walls and chinese lanterns, disco balls and chandeliers all make you feel warm and cosy. there is even a lil' sandwich bar with booths for when you and yer partner need a rest and refresh.
i'm excited to go back again soon and arrive in time for the dance lesson. in high school a group of us were really into going swing dancing, but i've since lost all my steps. i even declined a dance because i was too nervous........the guy looked like a total professional and i was so intimidated!! but next time..........i'm out there ready or not! until then i dream of the innocent fun to be had at the rivoli......
[photo by phoebe blatton]
a little about the rivoli from their website: 'It started life as the Crofton Park Picture Palace in July 1913 and was converted into a ballroom in 1957, reopening in 1959 with a large sprung maple dance floor. it is currently in private hands. Famous for its original decor and interior fittings(red velvet, flock walllpaper, chandeliers, glitter balls and over-sized chinese lanterns) it is often used as a film location and plays host to many dance and musical events. Some of the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing programs have also been filmed here.'


Effie said...

Jess, you are livin' the dream life over there!!!

abby said...

this is awesome. we just moved to south london (forest hill) and i was just looking up lindy hop classes http://www.swingdanceuk.com/

thanks for posting this!

jessica said...

hey effie, there are some mcdreamy happenins in yer life over there too. i have been so homesick as of late i'm tryin' to keep busy and surround myself with nostalgia!

and abby, hi! thanks for the link, i will see what they have in north london. if you make it to the rivoli you will have to let me know what you think.

april said...

wowie wow wow! this place looks amazing!!!
maybe you needed just one more cocktail to get your bum on the dance floor! although that can be a bit dangerous, I've had my fair share of swingin' head bop injuries in my day (but I always blame it on my dance partner tee hee)

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

It looks so marvelous, thank you for such a detailed and inspired post, I feel like I now know it too.

jessica said...

i hope you get to go there one day. i've got to make it back there soon. swooooon.

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