07 September 2008

denim dreamboats.

i really miss my weekly trips to the heaven-sent warehouse-sized thrift stores back home. i had a set route i would take around the stores.....first to denims, then shoes, bags, then housewares/bedding, coats, nite-clothes, then one more quick time round in case i missed anything........! since i've come to london the closest thing i have to a huge thrift is beyond retro in cheshire street. once i knock out the half-off section i head straight to the menswear to look for chambrays, westerns and workshirts. amidst the chaos that is beyond retro i have had some very emotional moments....when will my timemachine arrive?
(these lil' babies are from ragtime vintage in chapel hill, n.c., which i've heard has closed, so if you're ever in asheville be sure to visit their other shop for lots of tear-jerking treasures.)
if you know me you know i have a serious love-affair with denim, the older and more well-worn the deeper my love grows. i can often be seen sportin' hi-waist jeans with a denim blazer and then leavin' a denim bag behind only to compromise with a railroad-striped tote!! if you come back to my blog you're sure to see the affair come up again and again. recently my dresses have taken a backseat to my denims, and although i have apparantly always been a priss (given the name by my older brother long before i remember), i've grown fonder and fonder of priss with a menswear-inspired pop, inching my way towards the railroad jumpsuit.
so how happy was i to open a recent issue of milan-based THE/END. magazine. at the market where i go for lunch each day we are so lucky to have 'mag lady' who sells older and sometimes even current issues of magazines for as little as 75p.
as if the cover of issue #8 'erotica romance' isn't dreamy enough with this pleated dior homme shirt, inside there is a fashion shoot filled with throwback pieces by adam kimmel: denim and workwear is always a winning combination!
from the pages: 'there is a concept, and a very high one, behind what he does: it is the idea of man as artifex, or creator, someone who does things with his own hands. what really counts, still, is the clothes, and they're honest and straightforward as nothing you've seen around.'
what first drew me to these images is the faded, almost hand-coloured quality that takes you out to the country. then i noticed the workwear pieces. and when i visited the adam kimmel website i was so excited to see new york artists wearing his clothes: a lil' bit of country in the big city, exactly what inspires me every day when i get dressed. my love of workwear goes back to my earliest memories of my dad: today whenever i see a man in workwear i think of my dad returning from a weekend hunt in his carhartt jumpsuit. and my love-affair with old denims.....? ....that really blossomed when i worked at design archives, but that's a story for another time.

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Barbie said...

wonderful wonderful.

aaalso, find me a boy that looks like the last photo and I'd surely drowned in tears of joy.

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