31 December 2008

stripes ahoy.

i had a few days off work (still enjoying those actually!) and hibernated for a while in our spare room which triples as our guest room, laundry room and my sewing room. i had so much funn and i know something i've made is a success when i don't want to give it away (!). but i did give them away, and the recipients were very happy.
my favourite was this pouch for maryam. made with polka dot fabric my mama sent from north carolina and the latte brown is from john lewis (yes, i had to cave in and buy new!). the inside is made with the light blue fabric you see above and is divided with a snap. oh! and it's too bad you can't see there is a banana-yellow zipper to top it all off.
i have been in love with stripes for the longest time, and recently have also been incorporating chevron stripes and pleats. i plan to make a bigger bag just like this for myself. ahhhhhhh to have more fabrics to choose from (sourcing them over here and also bringing back a haul when i go home) and update my long-dormant etsy shop is definitely a goal for early 2009.
shouldn't be too tough with my new assistant yoshi, he has been spending so much time with me and the machine. silly cat! p.s. where are the blogger experts.....i tried to change the layout of my blog and now all the links are at the bottom instead of at the side. help!

30 December 2008

q & A.

does anyone know what these lil' s's are called and if they serve a purpose? i've seen quite a few around and think they're just swell.

29 December 2008

holiday (the cherry on top).

so.....yesterday i mentioned i was ready to move to epping....well just about!! on boxing day we went with maryam's parents for a drink in the countryside at a pub called the horse and the horseshoe. i can't find anything about it online so that may not be the exact name, but i know it involves a horse and a horseshoe, and the logo is outta sight with two h's made to look like exposed beams of the pub itself.
everywhere you turned there were copper kettles, bed warmers, horseshoes.....ahhhhhh it was heaven on earth! i really want to go back there in warmer weather and with the sun shining down to get the full thrill.
if i ever have a wedding.........sigh.......it might just be at the horse and the horseshoe, i loved it there that much. the country air, the copper and brass all over the place, the magic at every turn, the pet pig (!), smiles all around, exposed beams.....and need i mention the horse theme again......? there were so many things i wanted to take home with me, if only they hadn't been nailed to the wall!!
i'm on the prowl now......
n.y.e. edit:: i've just learned the pub is called 'the horns and horsehoes' and is in harlow not epping. so......if you're nearby i think it's worth it, i'm still smiling just thinking about all that copper'n'bronze!

28 December 2008

holiday (part deux).

after having so much funn with the 2cv we had the yummiest christmas dinner. i made a few american contributions including deviled eggs and yams with marshmallows (the least successful because i couldn't find plain white marshmallows and the topping turned green! it still tasted good tho, and that's all that counts right....?). we were all so full afterwards that there was no room for dessert.
but i say, there's always room for dessert! especially when it's my grandma fannie's chocolate pie, made by my mother ever since i can remember. for years i have stirred the chocolate for my mama, really just waiting to lick the bowl, and thinking that meringue happened by magic. but never have i made it without her, and since we couldn't be on the same continent this year, i had to have piece of that pie to hold me over til we are reunited in february! in the end it tasted just like home, and i couldn't have done it without maryam and david's help.
we stayed up into the nite playing 'pub quiz' and learning things we never thought we'd want to know, and on boxing day took a walk into town to check out the locals. i fell in love with this clock and hope they don't tear it down as they've done with the lovely water garden.
designed by harlow's town planner sir frederick gibberd in 1958/59, the almost corbusian (can't seem to get away from work!) gardens were destroyed around 2003 to make room for a huge car park and a tkmaxx, among other shops. it's so sad!! i wish i could've seen in its heyday, but can't find any photos online. they have thankfully left a few portions that are really just a tease, check out those tiles and the carved concrete.
it was the most beautiful day to be in the sun and it got even lovelier when the sun went down.....tomorrow i will tell ya why i'm really ready to move to epping(!).

27 December 2008

holiday (part one).

this christmas brought me to harlow town in essex, where i spent three smile-worthy days with my dear friend maryam and her family. on christmas eve we had a tour by blue taxi (her daddy drives a black cab) of the lights of harlow and munched on the pecan pie i'd brought.
it was so nice to be in an actual house instead of a flat, and when we woke up around 11 on christmas morning we found sammy the squirrel had paid a visit. i've never seen a squirrel so tame as to come in the house and eat nuts right from your hand, incredible! she is definitely holding the place of the future asghari grandchildren, spoiled rotten.
after opening presents we had a bit of a laugh (well, i was dorkily enjoying it the most!) with omid's old citroen 2cv. there are a lot of photos over on my flickr, but here are my favourites of the bunch.
i was pumped to wear another find from the angels sale, this olive green blouse that looks as if it was once a dress. the fabric is just like a parachute! and i adore the ribbon and sleeve details. i also sported my new tabio heart tights, i have been eyeing them since the summer. i think i will go back and get them in nude and brown as well (!).
i let my braids halfway down and was happily surprised to see a bit of a wave in my usually straighter than straight locks. since i am still lusting after a perm, i might be investing in some hot curlers during the sales too!
(pretending omid and i are on holiday.)
watch this space for more tales from my harlow town christmas...

24 December 2008

santa baby.

merry christmas y'all. here's hoping santa finds you.

18 December 2008

Good eats: Visions of sugarplums.

thanks so much for all of your well wishes and comments. they definitely did the trick and made me smile! a week on i am feeling so much better, just in time for all the festivities.
today we had a big city of london holiday lunch at the much-hyped medieval guildhall. all the trimmings, plenty o'wine and brandy, and plenty o'smiles. i sported christmasy colours and two of my finds from the angels sale: a red 1980s wrap top and the most magical of hats. it makes me nostalgic for childhood gumdrops trees covered with big sugar sprinkles.
there was a hat competition and i saw it as the perfect opportunity to wear my new gem. i didn't know you had to be in the 'parade' to be judged, so i wasn't judged, and in the end the winner sported a huge paper christmas pudding atop her head. so many people told me i'd been robbed of the title, the hat was a real hit. and one person from cinema said the hat was very similar to one in a katharine hepburn film (she mentioned another actress as well but the name escapes me), gotta find out which one. for now the hat sits atop my dresser, awaiting a few new sequins and a minor clean!
it was so much fun though to be with everyone from the gallery and the barbican and we headed to the pub afterwards, little energy left for work! on the way a few of us checked out the lord mayor's rolls royce. he wasn't very happy to see us in it.

11 December 2008

don't tease.

i can't remember ever staying in the bed this long. looking out the window is a real tease. bring on the weekend and healthier times.

10 December 2008

angels are among us.

you can now read my run-down of the big angels sale over at dazed digital. i promise to post pics of my finds as they are slowly washed and repaired.

09 December 2008

i dream of...moondoggie.

when you're stuck in bed with tonsillitis and baby, it's cold outside, you can't help but dream of summer.

30 November 2008


i've been in serial withdrawal lately....i haven't been back home for a year and am really startin' to get that itch. it doesn't look like i make it home for the holidays either.....so for now the itch is gonna have to keep on keepin' on. one of the things i miss most is my honkin' pile of fabrics collected over the years. i've found very few sources here in london for second-hand textiles and have dreamed many a'day and nite of a jet-set returning with, among other things, a suitcase bursting with stripes, plaids, spots'n'dots, laces, canvases and denims.
in a moment of desperation i decided to, for the very first time, take apart a bag i myself had made and use the remnants for something totally new. i crafted the first bag when i was home last christmas using a score (!) of minty-fresh railroad denim from salvation army and the remains of a 1950s dress.
i originally intended for it to be a carrier bag for groceries, but soon grew to love it for every day. every. day.
but then our love faded! and i wanted somethin' fresh. so i added a yoke from a pair of pinstripe jeans-now-shorts and a salmon zipper from an ebay lot. and cupid and i were back in business.
i'm really happy with how it came out and have carried it nearly every day for the past few weeks. i'd never put a zipper into a large bag, but it wasn't nearly as daunting as i'd imagined. i will have to take some photos of the back side where you can still see a few stitches from the original 'shields', and also some photos of the inside, grey-blue and white striped.
until then i'm in a denim wonderland!
: : :
oh and p.s. i just got a modepass. still learning how to make the most of it.

27 November 2008


it's not cranberry sauce and cornbread, but the cosy, nap-inducing feeling afterwards comes pretty close. i've fallen hard.

23 November 2008

t a g . . .

so i've been 'tagged' [for the first time ever] by the lovely april. the rules are that i am to list six things that make me happy and then pass the honour onto six bloggers that i love, linking to the newly tagged.
*six smile-makers, in no particular order [illustrated with a wander thru my flickr archives]:: cakes. making and eating them. all sizes and flavours, especially chocolate ones and especially mini ones. my sweet tooth has only grown with age!
getting lost. i've seen the most amazing things having taken the wrong turn or gotten off at the wrong bus stop.
denim. the older and more raggedy the better, tho dark and hi-waisted are what i turn to these days.
the smell of old library books. yesterday's visit to camden arts centre reaffirmed my love of this smell. in their reading room there is a mini library set up and the smell has taken over the entire room. so lovely! like many i also love finding old notes and lists inside of books.
travelin' [this too usually involves getting lost!]. by foot and by train are my current favourites.
stationery. office supplies. pen and paper. however you want to call it, i just can't get enuf. a nite in cutting and pasting is a dream-come-true. and i've been known to carry around gobs of pens because you never know when you will need a gold stabilo right?
*and six bloggers:: tara-lynn sandra fashion forestry porcelain garden marina betty . . . y o u ' r e i t !
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